Cerámica Montalbán, the history of our decorative ceramics from Seville


In the fifteenth century, in the heat of the prosperity of the city of Seville, come to this certain foreign potters, Flemish and Italian, to teach local artisans using decorative methods used in their respective countries, which together with the technical and customs of the indigenous pottery, give rise to Seville ceramics configured as we understand it today, in relief, hand painted ...

Artisans like Frans Andries, Niculoso Pisano, Antonio and Tomaso Sambrino, who worked on Triana mid-fifteenth century, applied these techniques to the ones introduced by the Almohads during the Arab domination and local artisans practiced developing ceramic edge or rope dried and painted onto a glass layer. These taenicide coexist today, the result of study and tradition HISPALCERÁMICA born.

HISPALCERÁMICA is the extension of a Sevillian artistic ceramics workshop. It has the best ceramic artists in Spain. Using only traditional techniques, create murals, decorative art tiles for swimming pools, fountains, plaques or any design you need. Whether to "restore" the place in your home or any building you want to replay. We ship anywhere in the world .